Photo Contest


Photographs that highlight the richness and uniqueness of your May Term 2013 experience. There are five categories of content:

  • The Natural World - Animals, plants, landscapes, scientific processes and endeavors etc.
  • People,
  • Travel – domestic/international,
  • This year's May Term theme: "Making Human Rights Real", and
  • May Term Co-curricular Events

You may submit up to five photos (one per category). Your submission should include a figure caption describing exactly how a photo relates to your May Term experience.


The grand prize, chosen from all submissions (all 5 categories) will be a $100 gift voucher to Station 220, one of the top restaurants in the Bloomington-Normal area. Runners up and second runners up under each category will receive $40 and $20 gift vouchers, respectively, to other popular restaurants in the area. Prizes will be announced during Fall 2013. Additionally, prize recipients will receive a poster of their photo after it has been exhibited.

If prize winners are unable to make use of the above prizes (e.g. seniors leaving town), the organizers will work with them to find equivalent prizes.


The photos will be judged on A) content/composition and B) technical quality in that order. The panel of judges will consist mainly of IWU faculty and staff. Qualified external panelists may also be included.


Photographs must be in digital format (e.g. jpeg, png, bmp). High quality scanned images of prints are allowed. The photograph must contain no less then 3 megapixels. This quality is available on most smart phone cameras. Between May 8 and June 17, you may upload the pictures below using your IWU username. A figure caption must accompany the photograph, and should include the subject of the image and the location. The caption must be no longer than 100 words. You will be prompted for the date that the photo was taken.


  1. All photos must be digital and have 3 megapixel or better sampling. High quality scanned images of prints will be allowed.
  2. A figure caption must be submitted with each photo. It must include the subject of the image and the location. You must also include a description of how the photo relates to your May Term experience. You will be prompted for the date the photo was taken.
  3. Only IWU students registered for May Term 2013 may participate. The photos must be taken during May Term -- May 8 through May 31 -- but can be submitted through June 17.
  4. We will accept a maximum of 5 photos per contestant, one under each category above
  5. Photos that have been significantly altered digitally, beyond standard optimization (e.g. dust removal, cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color and contrast), will be disqualified
  6. If recognizable individuals are the subject of your photo, you must have them sign this release form. If they're under the age of majority, their parent/guardian should sign this release form.
  7. All participants agree that their images can be used for advertisement purposes of the IWU May Term and Admissions offices. Copyrights remain with the authors of the photos and authors will be credited when images are published.


If you need further clarification about the contest or photo uploads, please email the organizers at