Office of Student Activities

Phoenix Theatre

Student Organizations Arts

Our purpose is to provide a space for the student body to create and produce art. We strive to maintain an inclusive space for a wide variety of artistic endeavors and it is our goal to produce a large range of student-run projects throughout the school year. We also hope to give opportunities to people who want to perform producer tasks within a theatre. Our purpose is to maintain The Phoenix Theatre as well as to provide access to people wanting to use The Phoenix Theatre as a performance venue. We receive applications and then as a committee work to provide assistance to students and faculty in producing their works.

Membership requirements: We accept applications for the committee at the beginning of each semester. We also have a rolling application for student projects that how throughout the entire year. These applications are all voted on by the committee whenever they come in.

Membership dues: N/A


Andy Jump (), President
Jackson Bettis (), President
(), Secretary
Nancy Loitz (), Advisor