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Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

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SPIE is interested in promoting the study of optics and photonics across campus. At meetings we do demos, perform experiments, bring in speakers, etc. Topics covered in meetings center on optics, but the application of optics ranges vastly from building lasers to looking at the cosmos. We eagerly welcome students of any major.

Meetings: Meetings are located in CNS at 8:00PM every other Thursdays. Official room is announced via email.

Membership requirements: We welcome everyone. We especially encourage those who desire to eat pizza and play around with physics.

Membership dues: A yearly SPIE membership fee costs $20.00 dollars, BUT that money is generously returned by free pizza at every single meeting and endless fun in optics! By joining SPIE, you also have opportunities to apply for scholarships and travel grants.


Valeria Viteri-Plucker (), Treasurer
Jack Davine (), Vice President
Bobby Koirala (), President
(), Secretary
Gabe Spalding (), Advisor