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Sierra Student Coalition

Student Organizations Activism

SSC works to educate our campus community about environmental issues and ways to be sustainable. This is done through education events and presentations. Our members look for any ways possible to make IWU and Bloomington-Normal as environmentally sustainable as possible. We lead the sustainability movements on our campus. This includes, but is not limited to, the terracycling initiative, Mindful Mondays, and the Earth month competition. Our main goal is to make IWU as environmentally friendly as we can.

Meetings: We meet weekly. Our meetings start with a small education about a current environmental event. After this, we have small icebreakers to get to know our membership better. Then we transition to talking about and planning our current initiatives on our campus.

Membership requirements: Everyone is welcome to attend a meeting and see what we do.

Membership dues: No dues.


Leah Bieniak (), President
Amanda Bonavida (), Treasurer
Christian Marino (), President
(), Communications Officer
(), Treasurer
Laurine Brown (), Advisor