Office of Student Activities

S.O.C.A. (Students Organizing Campus Awareness)

Student Organizations Volunteer

SOCA is in place to bring awareness of a variety of mental health issues. The club organizes tabling events to educate campus on drunk driving, sexual assault, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, and many more issues people struggle with. The goal of this RSO is to educate and normalize the difficult conversations surrounding emotional topics. SOCA organizes monthly to bimonthly "tabling events" where flyers and pamphlets are handed out. There are posters and other engaging activities for passing students to stop and take a look. The group mainly focuses on big movements such as the Teal Chair Project but also works to help students understand other mental/emotional struggles.

Membership requirements: Volunteer at least one hour of time to table or set up for each club event

Membership dues: No dues are required.


Daniel Maisch (), Vice President
Rosie Lagone (), Secretary
Freya Jennison (), President
Christina Armstrong (), Advisor