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Creativity for Change

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We want to do more than just bring awareness to social issues, as several groups on campus already do, we want to really make a difference both locally and across the globe. Within the community, we would like to work with the local Boys and Girls Club in coordination with TOMS and use the arts (music, visual art, & theatre) to raise their awareness socially as well and really allow them to understand how creativity and imagination can enrich their lives daily - something that doesn't always receive enough attention in the schooling programs. On campus, we hold a TOMS shoes event where students and members of our IWU community decorate and personalize the shoes that they order.

Membership requirements: No, just the genuine desire to create positive world change. We will be holding interviews for those holding positions on Executive Board.


Sarah Shelby (), President
Suni Hulmond (), Vice President
Cathy Colburn (), Treasurer
Julia Julia Cicchino (), Secretary
Nancy Loitz (), Advisor