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The Park Place Economist is Illinois Wesleyan's undergraduate journal of economics. The journal publishes scholarly research articles in economics by Illinois Wesleyan students. The articles published range from basic topical explorations to focused senior research projects. The journal is completely student-run.

Meetings: The Park Place Economist staff meets several times throughout the school year. Our first meeting in the fall introduces students to the journal timeline, allows them to choose their jobs, and reminds students to submit their papers. Students meet again to review the articles submitted in March. Students that take on special selective tasks work year round to collect news articles and professor information to add to the journal. The Editor-in-Chief is on payroll and works each semester for 5 hours per week. The staff usually meets in the upper levels of CLA.

Membership requirements: There are no requirements to join The Park Place Economist staff. Any Illinois Wesleyan student can join. However, to submit an academic paper to the journal for publication, the article must have economic theory in the paper. This is the only limitation we have on students' work. This limitation, however, has not stopped students from other disciplines from submitting their research.

Membership dues: We do not require dues or payments.


Colin Orchard (), President
Stephen Cutro (), Vice President
Ruoqing Li (), Treasurer
Amit Ghosh (), Advisor