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Shrin-gar-a (n.) Sanskrit word for Love and Acceptance of all. Shringara Theatre company was established by three students as a means to promote acceptance through the artistic medium of theatre. We aim to curate beautiful works that encourage inclusion, social awareness, and share the human stories that are so often left untold. Our Productions tell the stories of and are written by multicultural playwrights that celebrate their cultures, and through that celebration, our audiences gain an understanding of one another on a deeper level. We believe that culture is at the root of what makes us who we are. Every single person comes from a culture that defies any label. We want to embrace diversity and garner appreciation for each unique human experience through our art and learn from it as much as we teach it. We believe that this sharing and cultural understanding will create Shringara; utter love and acceptance amongst all people. We are citizens of the world who have the power to create a bright and accepting community through our theatre.

Meetings: We meet every other Wednesday dinner hour to discuss upcoming projects and events.

Membership requirements: All meetings are open and ALL are welcome. To have a more influential role, anyone interested in joining the Executive Board (Class Representatives, Secretary, Treasurer, Curators, Social Media Liaisons, etc.) must complete an application that will be deliberated by the current Board. Board members must be hardworking, socially conscious, interested in diversity activism, and have a passion for theatre. Those interested in performing in the company's productions must audition and be cast by the directors for that production.

Membership dues: No.


Kira Rangel (), President
Dylan Holt (), President
Andy Jump (), President
Scott Susong (), Advisor