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American Sign Language Club

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IWU ASL is a group of students who aims to learn and teach American Sign Language while learning about the Deaf community. We introduce and practice signs together in a repeat-after-me teaching style, with multiple modes of instruction including physical demonstrations, images, videos, and slideshows with written text. After signs have been introduced, activities such as Kahoots and other learning-games are used to practice incorporating new signs into each member's ASL vocabulary. The lessons begin at a basic, introductory level each semester and then increase in difficulty as the semester progresses, including lessons on Deaf history and the Deaf community. We also host events individually as well as in coordination with other RSOs and even with the Deaf Redbird Society (ISU's ASL club)!

Meetings: TBA

Membership requirements: No requirements! You do not need to know any signs to join.

Membership dues: Nothing! ASL club is totally free.


Gabby Rogers (), Vice President
Alexis Ries (), President
Catherine Droesch (), Secretary
Jessoca Tran (), Communications Officer
Chandra Shipley (), Advisor