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ASL Club recognizes that the IWU community has little exposure to or representation by DHH (Deaf/Hard or Hearing) people. We believe in order to follow the goal of a liberal arts institution ASL should be included in the education of a well rounded individual so they may be more accepting and appreciative of cultural and lingual diversity in our country. After receiving some public outreach last year from people in the Bloomington/Normal DHH community, one of our goals moving forward is to increase our communication and partnership with ISU’s ASL organizations so that we may better assist those who ask for help. ASL knowledge is not only useful but necessary for many fields, whether that be medical, artistic, educational, etc., so campus involvement will not only aid students in broadening their worldview but in being more equipped to communicate in their professional lives. ASL club strives to educate and encourage interest in the American deaf and hard of hearing community. We gather once a week during the school year to review slides depicting ASL signs and what they mean in standard spoken American English. Each week as a theme or topic we focus on and learn up to as many as 20 signs about. In order to teach intersectionality in the community, we often co-sponsor events with other RSOs on campus such as learning signs about the LGBTQIA community or People of Color, joining with Pride or BSU or WOC.

Meetings: TBA

Membership requirements: No requirements! You do not need to know any signs to join.

Membership dues: Nothing! ASL club is totally free.


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Alexis Ries (), President
Julie Cozette (), President
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