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Asian Pacific American Coalition

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APAC is a student led organization that meets weekly to promote and cultivate Asian culture by discussing topics that resonate with different Asian cultures. Past meeting topics include Lunar New Year, Asian Folktales, Short films, and discussing different worldviews, among others. APAC is a safe space for students, faculty, and staff to come together and be enriched by one another's cultures. Some of our favorite activities to engage in as a group include tinikling, karaoke, cooking and eating cultural cuisine, and sharing in Asian pop culture. Our mission is to promote diversity within Asian-pacific cultures and to encourage unity and intersectionality in our community. We strive to familiarize our campus and community with the richness of Asian heritage through cultural experiences and traditions. APAC engages in service projects such as volunteering in the BloNo community, as well as organizing fundraising efforts.

Meetings: Meetings take place every Wednesday from 7-8 in State Farm Hall 201

Membership requirements: All are welcome to join APAC! We only require that members treat each other with kindness and respect towards different cultures and beliefs. You DO NOT have to identify with an Asian culture, ethnicity, or race to be a member or attend weekly meetings and events!

Membership dues: None


Lea Spiers (), President
Josh Mabazza (), Vice President
Christian Marino (), Secretary
Valerie Villanueva (), Treasurer
Veronica Torres Luna (), Advisor