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South Asian Student Alliance (SASA)

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SASA aims to add cultural diversity to the IWU campus and share our culture and knowledge about South Asia. We usually hold meetings twice a month to update the members on upcoming events and celebrations. Some examples of these events include arts and crafts, movie nights, Diwali Night, and Holi. We also collaborate with other RSOs that are interested in hosting joint events! This organization is aimed towards students who are interested in the cultural diversity of the countries encompassing South Asia. We are interested in fostering a connection between students who do/do not share this background to create a community at Wesleyan that encourages a healthy understanding of this diverse and beautiful region of the world. We wish to spread awareness about the many different cultures and traditions present in the South Asian region and diversify the IWU campus by celebrating the differences and similarities we have with one another.

Meetings: TBD


Anjali Patel (), President
Neal George (), Vice President
Ankush Kecht (), Treasurer
Nooreen Rahman (), Communications Officer
Anusha Bhojanam (),
Narendra K. Jaggi (), Advisor