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Spanish And Latine Student Association (SALSA)

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SALSA focuses on increasing awareness and emphasizes on Latin American culture, achievement, and history. We focus on strengthening a support network within IWU and the community to promote unity within the Latin American community and with allies. We program cultural events and meetings to educate and celebrate the Latin American cultures. This organization is a welcoming environment for those who identifies with the Latinx community and those of the non- Latinx population. It's a organization who operates to create safe spaces for marginalized groups on campus. Striving to strengthen relations with other cultural RSOs to build a more inclusive environment.

Meetings: Weekly meetings

Membership requirements: Everyone is welcome to join SALSA, regardless of cultural background!
A member of SALSA should:
1. Have a genuine concern and commitment to the organization
2. Regularly attend SALSA meetings
3. Respect ideas presented within the organization
4. Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects leadership, understanding, scholarship,
and unity


Joselyn Molinar (), President
Jonathon Rios (), Vice President
Jessica Flores (), Secretary
Henry Uriostegui (), Treasurer
Johnny Rios (), Communications Officer
Damaris Rodriguez (), Communications Officer
Josely Molinar (), Communications Officer
Christina Almeida Velez (), Advisor