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Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity

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Kappa Pi is an international honorary Art fraternity whose purpose is, quite simply, to bring together artistically minded people and use their talents and passions for the good of the community. This happens through community outreach, fundraising for various organizations and non-profits, and hopefully drawing more artists to Illinois Wesleyan. We hope to create something that will make a lasting impact in our community.

Meetings: Sunday

Membership requirements: 1. Completion of 12 semester hours in art
2. Attainment of an overall "B" average in all art courses
3. An overall academic average of "C"
4. Produces outstanding artwork

Membership dues: $25 initiation: $10 annually.


Emily Wilkes (), President
Anneke Nilles (), Vice President
(), Treasurer
(), Communications Officer
Julie Johnson (), Advisor
(), Advisor