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We are the Jewish student organization on campus! Each semester, we host several fun events for our members and at least one large, campus-wide event. At our meetings and events, we discuss holidays, food, traditions, literature, history, and language. Illinois Wesleyan University’s Jewish Student Association, or JSA, is a club for all people to learn more about Judaism while having fun. JSA meets weekly to learn about different aspects of Jewish culture like celebrating holidays or learning about Jewish weddings. JSA is meant to make all students-Jewish and non-Jewish-feel welcome to Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus. Because of current events and some of society’s views, we feel it’s important to address a couple of things. JSA is welcoming to all people-no matter race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, or world-view/beliefs. JSA does not condone white supremacy, islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, or any other “-ism” for that matter. We believe everyone should have a place to be heard and strive to create that brave space.

Meetings: We meet weekly in the chapel basement. We will talk about our experiences on campus and other current events.

Membership requirements: Everyone is welcome!

Membership dues: N/A


Bree Bartlet (), President
Isaac Rubenstein (), President
Isaac Simmons (), Vice President
Elyse Nelson Winger (), Advisor