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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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InterVarsity is a Christian based RSO where people on campus can come together to learn about Christ. Anyone is welcomed to come and people have the opportunity to explore or share their faith. Majority of InterVarsity is Bible study groups where we take time to read passages from the Bible. We also go to different Christian conferences. InterVarsity strives to provide a faith based community on college campuses. This opportunity for people on campus to explore and learn more about Christ as well as have fellowship with other believers. InterVarsity welcomes all people who are curious about Christ and want to meet new people.

Meetings: The organization meets once a week and the executive members meet once a week as well. A typical meeting for the organization is that everyone will talk about their day, we study a passage, and then we pray. Meetings are roughly one hour. Location and meeting time is determined each semester.


(), Vice President
Brooke Dominski (), President
Shannan Abraham (), President
Jennifer Crider (), Advisor
(), Advisor