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BSU (Black Student Union)

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The mission of the Illinois Wesleyan Black Student Union is to educate students on the culture, history, social implications on campus life, and the Black experience. BSU aims to serve as a voice for Black students and to establish a sense of identity, community and pride. We strive to unite our leaders by cultivating cultural awareness. Our organization is open to all IWU students and will not discriminate based on nationality, race, religion, sexuality, beliefs, gender, or physical ability.

Meetings: Every Sunday. A typical meeting is having a mental check in and discussing things that are happening on campus to the BIPOC community or in the world in general and how we can talk about those traumatic events and move pass them.


Nyja White (), President
Jack McElveen (), Vice President
Jasmyn Taylor (), Communications Officer
Mo Hills (), Communications Officer
(), Communications Officer
(), Communications Officer
Dr. Monica Hall (), Advisor