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Amnesty International is a human rights focused group. We meet bi-weekly to raise awareness of injustices happening globally and come up with plans to combat this injustice. We engage in activism such as letter writing and peaceful demonstrations. Amnesty International is a grassroots human rights organization. The focus of the group is to bring justice to where there is injustice, ensuring individual human rights are met regardless of how a person may identity (i.e. nationality, gender, religion, etc). We engage in advocacy and community education that focus on issues that affect humans globally and domestically.

Meetings: Amnesty meets biweekly, and times/locations are chosen each semester. At our meetings, an executive board member or a general member, if wanted, presents a human rights related topic. Following the presentation, the group as a whole discusses the topic, including what about it is injustice and what can be done to help, if possible.

Membership requirements: There are no requirements needed minus an interest in advocating for or learning about human rights and social justice.

Membership dues: No dues are required to be a member on campus. However, if you would like to become an official member of the organization's board at the international level, there is a due of $15 for college students . With that annual one-time due, a student is able to be a part of the voting process from the headquarters of Amnesty International to put in their input of what the organization will focus on and how to implement such campaigns.


Monischa Hills (), President
Lindsey Agne (), Vice President
Jessica Flores (), Treasurer
Myei Donald (), Secretary
Sarah Ziwiski (), Communications Officer
(), Communications Officer
Amanda Hopkins (), Advisor