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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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To advance the sciences, arts, and general understanding of information processing including, but not restricted to the study, design, development, construction, and application of modern machinery, computing techniques and appropriate languages for general information processing, for scientific computation, for the recognition, storage, retrieval, and processing of all data of all kinds, and for the automatic control and simulation of processes. To promote the free interchange of information about the sciences and arts of information processing both among specialists and among the public in the best scientific and professional tradition. To develop and maintain the integrity and competence of individuals engaged in the practice of the sciences and arts of information processing. Finally, to develop kinship between those with similar interests.

Meetings: Every Sunday at 4:00 PM in CNS E201

Membership requirements: There are no requirements to join the IWU ACM chapter; however, those wishing to join the International Chapter will have to pay $42 USD. This is not in any way required, and most of our members do not join the International Chapter.


Maisha Rahman (), President
Jasmine White (), Vice President
Eva Nautiyal (), Secretary
Mark Liffiton (), Advisor