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The lack of representation of students of color in STEM further reinforces that minoritized students are not provided sufficient resources to grapple with the complexities of their academic and social environment. This lack of representation hinders students of color in their ability to embrace their identities as leaders in their fields. The goal of Empowering Minorities In STEM (EMIS) is to create a safe space to foster a community that can deconstruct and empower those identities that are not readily seen in STEM. In addition to this mission, we as a community seek to provide mentorship to first-year students of color to reinforce and stabilize their transition to higher education. We seek to develop a foundation for students of color to find passions that are in alignment of one's own passions/interests. We seek to ask the questions: What is representation? How can one see their own identity in a field of their interest more clearly? We will work to center minoritized voices from the STEM community. Through community outreach and service we will develop skills to become future catalysts for change in society. We will draw on experiences of professionals, faculty, staff, and alumni of color amongst a multitude of STEM disciplines to help us learn to navigate our respective fields. This RSO is not obligated to assist in any department's goals or objectives of increasing diversity or inclusion institutionally or systemically, but rather seeks to foster a community and provide peer support to students of color in STEM.

Meetings: CNS C101, Once a month

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Manish Pathuri (), President
Joselyn Molinar (), Vice President
Jordan Fields (), Treasurer
Libby Haywood (), Advisor