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Biology Club

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Biology Club is an opportunity for anyone interested in biology to learn more about the field. Each month we have luncheon with faculty to allow students to get to know them. We also bring in guest speaks when we can. The speakers come from a variety of fields to help students learn what careers they are interested in. We also have fun activities that are biology related throughout the year. Biology Club will provide anyone with an interest in biology to engage in biology outside the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to meet and network with students who have a similar interest in the field. We will travel to places like Miller Park Zoo, Moraine View Park, St.Louis Arboretum and many more places. We will also do fun activities on campus like lab coat decorating and building bird houses. Students will also have chances to interact with the biology faculty through opportunities like having lunch with a faculty member and the faculty members accompanying students on trips. We will also bring in guest speakers from various fields of biology, not just medicine, and provide students the chance to discover new and interesting fields. We have many more activities planned. Low commitment and fun way for students to learn and have fun with biology.

Meetings: The organization meets twice a month for club meetings. For our meetings, we try to have an activity plan or information about upcoming activites. We start out by doing a brief introduction about what we are doing for the meeting. This would include upcoming dates that are important for the club. Next, we would describe the activity we are doing and have either our advisory or a professor talk about how it relates to biology. Finally, we let them know where the supplies are and we start our activity.

Membership requirements: Nope. Anyone interested in biology is welcome!

Membership dues: No dues


Kathryn Vogler (), Vice President
Hannah Johnson (), Treasurer
Saylor Williams (), President
Julia Chen (), Secretary
Richard Alvey (), Advisor