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Scholars at Risk Advocacy Seminar

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The Scholars at Risk Advocacy Seminar is a residential student organization that meets bi-weekly to research and advocate on behalf of an international scholar who has been unfairly imprisoned. Advocacy seminars are being held throughout the U.S. and in Europe, and in March, IWU students go to Washington, D.C., where they meet fellow students, and present their findings before House of Representative and Senate office staff members. Scholars at Risk is an international network of over 500 universities around the world dedicated to protecting scholars in danger while also advocating for academic freedom. IWU was a founding member of the organization. As part of its mission, Scholars at Risk has established a number of advocacy seminars in the U.S. and in different countries, where students adopt the case of a scholar wrongfully imprisoned, research the case, and advocate for her/his release. Advocacy seminar participants from the U.S. and Canada typically gather once a year in Washington D.C., where they learn how to be effective advocates and intermingle with NGO leaders, Scholars at Risk representatives, and fellow seminar participants. They also present their case to congressional delegations and their staffs.

Meetings: Biweekly; day/time TBD

Membership requirements: There are no special requirements to join.

Membership dues: There are no dues.


Drew Hiller (), Vice President
Kira Schoen (), Secretary
Emma Cottrell (), President
(), Communications Officer
Irv Epstein (), Advisor