Office of Student Activities

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Student Organizations Activism

NAMI promotes knowledge and awareness of mental illnesses within the campus and local community. We work to eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses, and we provide resources and support for students. We also hold campus events that strive to inform people about mental health related issues and to help reduce stigma and stereotypes. NAMI strives to inform people of common misconceptions and stigmas that surround mental illnesses. We work to educate others about mental illnesses and o bring issues surrounding mental health to light and into discussion. We also work hard to provide resources to help the students and IWU campus community with improving their mental health.

Meetings: Weekly meetings, time and location TBA

Membership requirements: Anyone with an interest in mental illness is welcome, and we invite students of all years and majors to join.

Membership dues: None


Marissa Irelan (), President
Kenny Johnson (), Vice President
Eve Robinson (), Treasurer
Marie Nebel-Schwalm (), Advisor